The Company
A family passion since 1950
The renowned Pagotto Carni brand was born in the '50s with Giovanni Pagotto who opened a small family-run store in Pezzan di Carbonera. His sons Paolo, Aldo and Camillo, passionate about the family business, took over the activity and opened the new store in 1987, placing it in a large barn. Their passion for meat processing led them to renovate the slaughtering plant and to create a new salami factory in compliance with European regulations. The establishment is approved with the European identification number IT E6277 CE
The success starts with the attention to the raw material used: all the meats and cold cuts are derived from Italian Heavy Pig bred with a system of traceability of the animal and its feeding.
The typical products of Pagotto Carni have simple and genuine flavors derived from ancient traditions prepared with the help of modern technology
The butcher shop
The butcher shop, unique in its sector, has a well-stocked display counter 15 meters long. All cuts of meat and products prepared directly in the company are displayed, such as: cold cuts, the corner of pork, beef and poultry.
Much attention is given to the wide range of "ready to cook" and gastronomy preparations: flavor and imagination make them inimitable
The Sausage Factory
The Sausage Factory has been recently renovated and qualified for production according to the latest European regulations. In this environment tradition and innovation come together to convey those immense emotions that our land can give us. Mr.Paolo and mr.Camillo, in addition to their expert hands, make use of modern drying and seasoning cells, creating products that revive ancient flavors.
Our sausages are hand-tied and stuffed in NATURAL BUDDLE - because QUALITY and TRADITION are in the first place for us.
Our products
Treviso Sopressa
The sopressa is a typical cured meat of our territory, the shape is curved, the diameter ranges from 90 to 120 cm, the weight varies from 1 to 3 kg.
Anima chiara
This is a sopressa from Treviso of rare beauty, it has the characteristic of having a whitish vein in the middle, of a very fine lard, specially marinated.
Treviso Local Salami
The mixture is obtained by selecting the various meats with particular care, salting and peppering them according to our traditions, eventually adding some garlic.
``Raboso Piave`` Salami
It is characterized by the very light scent given by the red wine with which the minced meat is soaked. The wine used is Raboso del Piave.
``Rustego`` Salami
From our triple zero line: 0 kilometers, 0 antioxidants and 0 preservatives. This has been possible thanks to the origin of the pigs, only local.
``Ossocollo`` or Coppa
In our territory coppa is called ossocollo. The final shape of the product is cylindrical with a diameter of 10-12 cm and a length of 25-30 cm.
Cotechino sausage
Cotechini made with salted tongue and fatty pork meat (rind, head and neck bones). The mixture is stuffed into natural gut and tied by hand.
  • KM 0 CERTIFICATE - Since 2010 we have the regional recognition Km 0, confirming our tradition in the butchering and processing of pork and beef from farms located only in the Veneto region.

  • CERTIFICATE ITE6277CE - Company with slaughterhouse, cutting, charcuterie identified in Europe with a single number that certifies the three paths of meat processing in a single plant. Company with certification of `manual of self-control HACCP` related to European standards of control hygienic-sanitary.
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